Saturday, November 30, 2013

Current obsession: knitting.

[source: we heart it]
About 2 years ago I saw this photo at the sartorialist and then it hit me! I thought "hey I know how to knit too!" not barefoot at some strairs of cource but I was thrilled! I kept this photo for inspiration, bought yarn and niddles and I started practising! I left this little hobby aside for a while but for the past few months I am knitting again like a maniac!
[source:the sartorialist]
As a DIYer, I love everything you can do on your own and knitting is one of my favorites because is a way to give a very personal touch to your style. Ok, I have to admit firstly to myself, that many of you maybe aren't that keen on knitting. But,you can always make really cool things with the yarn! 
Here is my very first knitted scarf! Do you like it? Well I love it!
Later on, I'm going to show you some very easy projects everyone can do. So stay tuned!

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