Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The jar project.

Hi everybody!
Yesterday I showed you some ideas I found on how to decorate and reuse jars.
Today I am going to show you my own versions! So let's begin!
I used:
-craft glue & decoupage glue                -lace fabric tape
-lace tulle fabric                                  -porcelain marker
-rice paper                                          -wall sticker with notes
-potpourri                                           -carton
-alphabet stumps                                 -twine
and of course JARS!!!
Basically, I used whatever I could find in my messy house!

Here's the first photo! Obviously I just filled the first jar with potpourri and added 2 drops of vanilla oil so that every time I open it, my living room smells amazing! The second one is pretty easy too! You can just grab a porcelain or glass marker and let your imagination drive you crazy! I draw an elephant (or kinda like that) and I added some twine bow; I think it makes it cute! Also this is one of my favourite!
This is my wish jar! I used craft glue decoupage to stick the tulle around the jar because I wanted to achieve a blurry look. For the label I used some light pink carton, alphabet stumps and of course twine to adjust it!
Last but not least these two cute candle jars! For the small one I just cut some wall sticker I had (unfortunately I don't remember from where I bought it) and some fabric tape I got from tiger! For the big one I used decoupage glue to stick the rice paper and the lace fabric and left it dry overnight! Then I secured the edges with some fabric tape!
That's all for now! I hope you like them! Leave a comment down below to tell me which one is your favourite!

P.S. Oh, please forgive me for the photos' quality. The camera I use right now is not so good so I just shot some photos in order to show you my work for now. That's why there are no analytical instructions and photos for every jar! I hope it's not confusing.

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