Friday, November 29, 2013

The Radar - Ways to make your home more wintery.

"Hi! Today's post is composed by one of my closest friends, Evita! From now on every Friday Evita is going to give you some ideas about details you can add in your home, closet or lifestyle. 
Even though we spend a lot of time together we don't have the same taste in everything, so I think it will be awesome to be a post a little bit different from what you would see from me! I hope you'll enjoy it. 
Kisses from me,

Winter is here!As one of my favourite seasons, it makes me pretty excited! 
I believe every single one of you should be anticipating it as well, for christmas, thanksgiving or even for the cold! 
This excitement though, for the season transitioning, should be also obvious from our home decor.
However,it's not an easy task, so I listed some of my ideas to make your lovely summery home a more wintery cozy one.

1. Light the fireplace and place all your favourite carpets! A warm house is a cozy and welcoming home. 
Transform your summery ornaments by just adding some autumny colours ( like brown, gold, orange, burgundy, red, yellow ). Of course, you can also add some new ones with winter patterns like snowflakes.

2. Light some candles; they can make your home smelling amazing and also a lot warmer. Find the scents that you prefer and let your fantasy free to create miracles. 

3.Reuse your old jars! Create some full of christmas spirit! 

Or if you're not a big fan and prefer something more simple and fresh, you can paint them and use them as vases. 

4. Talking about flowers, you can always mix and match flower bouquets to create a rather autumny fresh environment.

5. Last but not least, if you hide a child inside of you and you cannot wait for christmas, you can also do yourself ornaments with christmas theme! That way you can recycle while creating! 
(sources: pinterest)

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