Saturday, December 14, 2013

Current obsession: Christmas presents.

Christmas day is coming up and I have to find the perfect gift for everyone; It's the best thing about christmas and also the most difficult one, at least for me! It's a hard task to find the perfect present for everyone, if you need any help here are some ideas you can use!
#1. A cute notebook! If you have a friend that likes writing down everything,drawing or keeping notes, this is a very nice idea! You can find so many different notebooks to choose the best for them! Colorful, floral, with patterns or simple with an inspiring quote they are all perfect. (I found these two in Asos)
#2. Accessories! Necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, bags or wallets. It's a very nice gift for your sister or your bestie even for your mum! I totally love this set of mini wallets i found in H&M. I want it now!!
#3. A beauty box! I avoid buying make up sets as a gift because it's kinda tricky to find the perfect shades for everyone. However, a box full of body creams, shower gels and things like these is quite nice! There are many christmas boxes in The Body Shop to choose from! Last year I bought one for my mum and she loved it!
#4. Candles! Let's be honest! Is there any girl who doesn't like scented candles? Of course not! You can never go wrong with this choice! There are so many options to pick from! Yankee Candles and candles from Zara Home are my favourites but you can find different types and aromas everywhere!
The hardest part is choosing for a man ! I am not so good at this, so if you don't like my ideas just pretent you 've never seen this part!
#1. A phone case! Every man has a weird relationship with technology, right? Let's give him something to make his phone looking as cool as all the apps he uses! If he is into music, you can also buy him headphones; though I prefer cases!
#2. A book! If you know his taste in books you can buy him one he really wants to read, but if you don't, you can find some cool stuff all men like (or most of them I think) like The Bro Code from "How I met your mother" or a book with cocktail recipes or stuff every man sould know. You've got the meaning!
#3.Comic books! If you have a nerdy brother or boyfriend you can buy him the latest one from his favorite series, if he doesn't have it already.
#4. Accessories! A belt or a tie is a very safe choise, especially for your dad! Choose something simple but classic so that he can wear it at work or at a dinner!
#5. Sweatshirts or hoodies! It's more like a present to yourself; if you are going to give this to your brother or your boyfriend you can always wear it too sometimes (not all the time; remember it's a present) when it's cold and rainy and you have nothing cute and warm to wear, so pick the one you like the most!! This one is from H&M!
[image source: esty]
Oh! and don't forget the christmas cards! Whatever the present is, a card with your wishes is the best gift for your loved ones!


  1. Ευη παρα πολυ ωραιο το ποστακι σου! Καθε χρονο το να αγορασω δωρο στον μπαμπα μου ειναι το πιο δυσκολο, φετος μαλλον θα καταληξω σε καμια ζωνη...

    1. Δεν φανταζεσαι ποσο δυσκολο ειναι και για μενα να διαλεξω δωρο για τον μπαμπα μου! Αλλα η ζωνη ειναι μια απ τις αγαπημενες μου επιλογες χρονθα τωρα :-)

  2. Πάντα πάντα βάζω κάρτες στα δώρα!
    Μου αρέσουν πολύ! <3

  3. Είναι το πιο γλυκό κομμάτι του δώρου :-D


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