Monday, December 16, 2013

Monday's inspiration: Gifts' Hunting.

Good Day everyone,
This is the last week before Christmas; I haven't bought any gift yet and I have to hurry!This is my last chance! This week will be all about shopping gifts for family and friends!
I've just made an extra hot cup of coffee and I am ready to do my gifts' list! I will try to DIY myself most of the presents this year and I have a long list of supplies that I will need! But I am SO HAPPY!
Are you done with your christmas shopping? If you are like me, waiting  for the last minute to start, this is it!
Get out of your bed, wear your most comfy clothes and shoes, and go shopping! It's time for gifts!!


  1. Ναι ναι, κι γώ έτσι είμαι ακριβώς, έχω πάρει μερικά, αλλά όχι όλα.
    Αλλά μόνη μου δε με κόβω να φτιάχνω τίποτα, δε θα προλάβω..
    Άντε καλά ψώνια και καλές γιορτές :)

  2. Ακόμα δεν άρχισα τα χριστουγεννιάτικα ψώνια!
    Από Δευτέρα <3

    1. Καλή αρχη λοιπόν και καλή υπομονή! Αυτές τις μέρες τα μαγαζιά ειναι παράδισος και κόλαση μαζι :-P


Thanks for your comments! I really appreciate it!

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