Friday, December 27, 2013

The braid necklace project.

New years eve is few days away! Have you already found what to wear? I have, but there is a problem with the post office and it's not here yet; I am freaked out! I hope everything is going to be ok in the end.
Anyways I promised you a DIY project this week so here it is! A quite easy statement necklace to wear in New Years Eve.
 You will need:
*parachute cord -at least 1metre
*rings for decoration (make sure that they fit on your cord before you buy them)
*a pair of these things- I don't know how they are called- that you put inside the edges of the cord. You can find it in every craft store.
* rings and a clip
*instant glue

 To make the braid:
1. Make a loop approximately as big as your braid.
2. Take the upper edge, and pass it through the loop.
3. Make make a twist as it's shown.
4. Pass the edge again through the two new loops. (if you want your braid bigger than mine repit this step)
And the braid is ready!
 Now add some rings to make it fancy! This is optional! I just think it makes it perfect for a night out!
 Put instant glue inside this "thing" to adjust the cord! Then it's time for the clip! Tadah.
So this is it! Leave a comment below to let me know if you like it or if you have any questions! And if you try to make your own, make sure you let me know!
P.S. I know my instructions are not very good but I hope the photos are a bit more helpful!


  1. Πόσο όμορφο!
    Και στο χρώμα της σεζόν!
    Υπέροχο βουργουνδί!
    Καλή χρονιάαα

    1. :-) to agapw t vourgoundi!!! Evaki m episis <3

  2. Hi, dear!!
    I just discovered your blog!! I'm following!
    Thanks for this DIY!! It's so cute and looks very easy ;)
    Do u follow each other? ;)
    Kiss. V.


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