Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Christmas Project.

Hello again,
This is the last DIY project until Christmas and I have made two things to show you today! I thing they are both good gifts ideas for these days!
The first one is how to make your own Christmas cards for your friends. We made them yesterday with Evita! It's quit easy and also very creative!
I love cards, especially the handmade ones. Your wishes is always the best gift you can give to someone you love! So let's begin!

You will need:
*thick paper of your choice
*acrylic paint
*stencils ( you can download stencils and cut the inside to make them on your own you don't have to buy them)
*make up sponge ( they are cheaper that a sponge brush an for this project they are as good too)
*decorating tape
* a ruler and scissors of course

-Start by Cutting the paper to make the cards! Be careful to cut them in a size that fits in the envelopes!
-Then it's time for the stencils! Cut them and choose where you want your design to be and secure them with tape on your paper and  envelopes.
-Acrylic paint. Put a small amount of paint on a plastic plate because it dries quickly and then if it's necessary put some more again.
-Put some of your paint on the sponge and just tap the sponge over the stencils. Do this twice!
-Let it dry completely and then remove your stencils carefully!
-Now it's time to decorate! Use all your imagination and put your very own touch on this.
 Evita and I glued some glitter with craft glue! We used my letter stamps and decorating lace tape which I totally adore. 
Aren't they the cutest Christmas cards you've ever seen? I am obsessed with them right now!
Now let's move on to the second project! I hope you are not tired yet! 
This is how to make your own poches. Actually this is my present for my little sister, who has birthday on Friday! I have to admit it wasn't a very easy project for me because I am not that good with the sewing machine. But I made it and they look perfect, Don't you think?
You will need:
*Fabrics of your choice, I got mine from a craft store called "Oh my craft" in Heralion.
*sewing machine
- The first thing you've got to do is to decide how big you want your poch to be. Then add 2cm on each of  your measurements (this is where  we sew)
-To make it thick and steady you will need at least two layers of fabric on each side.
-Cut all of the fabrics on the size you want. Mine is 20*30cm.
Now it's sew time!!
- Start from the zipper. If you are not keen on sewing with the sewing machine it's better to do this step by hand, its a little bit tricky.
-Then you have to sew the other three sides from the inside out! Don't worry if your sewing is not perfect it will be on the inside!
-When you're done just turn the inside (which is technically the outside) out!
And It's ready! You can put inside your make up, or your little things in your bag to find them easier. personally I have at least three poches in my bag to organize the things I carry.
P.S. If you live in Heraklion check out "Oh, my craft". It's a new craft store with many little treasures you can't find somewhere else around here!

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  1. πόσο ωραίο! Σου απάντησα στο σχόλιό σου στο τελευταίο μ ποστ!


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