Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The cupcake project.

Do you like Christmas treats? Well I love them! Except the traditional Greek treats, I totally ship cupcakes these days too!
Actually I made some cupcakes two days ago to give to my friends and family! The recipe is easy, quick and it's a great gift idea if you don't have much money to spend!

For 16 cupcakes you will need:
250gr all-purpose flour
1 tea spoon baking powder
2 eggs
120gr butter, at room temperature
220gr sugar
1 cup of milk
vanilla powder
zest of one orange
white chocolate chips

For the frosting:
200gr cream cheese 
250gr powdered sugar 
60gr butter, at room temperature
vanilla powder

*Blend the butter, the eggs, the vanilla powder, the zest and the sugar in a bowl and then add the flour the baking powder and the milk all on low speed.
*Mix the chocolate chips with some flour and add them to the mix.
*Put cupcake paper things (I don't know how they are called obviously) in the baking forms and fill the mixture halfway up.
* Put them in the oven (pre-heated at 200 degrees of Celsius) for about 20 minutes, that may be more or less it deepens on the oven.
*For the frosting mix all the ingredients together until your mix has a velvety look. 
*Add the frosting on the cupcakes after you let them cool a little bit.
I got some cute wooden santas and reindeers and wrote wishes for the people I am going to give them to, they make my cupcakes look more christmassy. Aren't they cute?
I hope you like my recipe and if you try it out let me know!


Thanks for your comments! I really appreciate it!

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