Monday, January 20, 2014

Monday's Inspiration: Busy.

Hey everyone,
Happy Monday! What's your plans for this week? Well mine is going to be pretty busy actually!  As you know I have my classes, I have an important exam too, my DIYs and my friends! I have to organize everything really well to make it! I know what you think! "How the hell being busy is going to inspire me?" right? Well it cans! I really do find myself much more creative when I have lots to do than when I have nothing going on! So here are my little secrets that makes busy days beautiful!

I really hope this is going to be the last year of my studies and I have to do my best to manage that! So first of all comes the studying and I have to find a way to make it creative! For all of you that feels the same, I am telling you there is always a way to make studying or working fun! Just think about all that stuff you've learned and how they can fit in your life. If I can do this with maths you can do this too!!! You can't imagine how much maths helped me with my DIYs,and how many ideas I have when I am studying! Being busy means that your mind is awake every single moment, all you have to do is just think positive and if a creative thought comes up make sure you right it down for later to think about it! Some times studying gives me the best inspiration just by being positive!

Anyways! With all that stuff going on I don't really have much time getting ready every morning! It's always important for me, no matter how busy my day is, to feel pretty and good with myself even if I have to hurry! Because when I feel good everything goes right! I suggest you should do the same! Find some time for your self, wear your best clothes and take a look at the mirror before you go out and see how beautiful you are! For me it totally works! This week I am more on some kind of "all day" look! Here is what I imagine me to wear a busy day where I have to go to my classes and then for coffee with my bestie! 
[top,skirt shocks booties and bag: H&M, parkas:ZARA]

For one thing I know, there is always something inspiring in every little thing you do! So if you have a busy day like me first of all think positive! Even if you have studying or work to do find some time, before you go to sleep maybe, to pick your favorite clothes to wear the next bay if you feel pretty you look pretty no matter what! Feeling good with yourself will make all your positive thoughts come out much more easier! Also spend some time to think about what you love about what you do,there is at least one little thing, try to find it and focus there! Don't forget this! Brilliant things come out of hard work! 
I wish you all a happy happy week!

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