Thursday, January 16, 2014

The old jeans project!

Hello again everybody,
Did you miss me? Sorry for being away all these days! I am back in Athens right now studying maths again after the long, long strike! I have exams from September that were postponed and classes for the semester too! So I am really busy right know with my studies.
Also my laptop kinda "died" a couple of days ago. I have to admit I am not good keeping electronic devises working for long but this baby, I have it for like 5 or 6 years now and it's my precious! I managed to save it but I lost all the photos I had for you guys so I have to start all over! Please be patient for a few days!

The first 15 days of 2014 was hard but also so nice! I am back in my apartment with all my supplies for DIYs, my space to work and all my lovely things than inspires me to create more and more and more!!
I am so HAPPY!

Anyways! I have a DIY for you today! It's a pretty easy one! 
Everybody loves thrifted jeans right? They are casual, easy-wear and stylish but some times to damaged to wear if you have them for long!This is what I do to my old jeans that I love and I don't want to throw away!
Let's see how to make patches for old jeans without sewing!
All you need is:
your pair of thrifted jeans, I picked a pair of shorts( I know its winter here, but...) in which the pockets come out from the thrifts and annoyed me
a piece of fabric ( you don't have to buy that, if you have an old t-shirt with patterns you don't want any more you can use that!)
and fabric glue!
Your fabric has to be 2cm or more wider and longer than the hole on your jeans. So first of all take your measurements and then cut the piece on your desirable size!
Now it's time for gluing! Make sure that you read the instructions of your glue before you use it because it maybe different than mine. Just to be sure!!
Turn you jeans inside out and put a small amount of glue all around the hole.
Put the cloth on top.
let it dry of a few minutes and then push down the pieces to make sure the are well glued together!
Ready! I can't wait to wear it again!
Oh! I forgot to tell you that after many washes the glue may go off (it depends on the glue you use) if that happens just add some more glue again! ;-)
So this is my DIY for now! Comment below to tell me if you liked it!

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