Monday, February 3, 2014

Monday's Inspiration: Bohemian.

I was always intrigued by bohemian style because it combines my three never ending loves! Natural colors, accesories and  messy hair! I 've always considered myself as a "boho" girl even though I don't always look like one! I totally adore the freedom of choises this style gives you!
If you ask me, the key for the perfect bohemian-like outfit is to keep it simple with clothes and overdo it with accessories! A white or paisley printed dress, a blouse and your favorite jeans, a warm oversided cardigan and tons of accessories!!! It's perfect for a winter day!
Accessorising is the fun part! I love my accesories and I can never decide which one to wear, so most of the time I mix them together in the most creative ways! Rings, necklaces, bracalets, hats, belts everything! I am obsessed with the kinda "gypsy" but chic results it gives!
If you are in boho mood too, don't forget to get creative and have fun!


  1. I love boho style!!

  2. Hi dear,
    Lovely inspiring pics!!!!
    I just found your blog and it's great, follow u right now, hope u can follow me back!

  3. imagens mesmo inspiradoras!
    acabei de conhecer agora o teu blog!
    adorei-o, ganhaste uma nova seguidora hehe
    caso não conheças o meu e queiras passar por lá, deixo-te aqui o link
    beijinhos ♥


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