Friday, February 7, 2014

The Radar - Film suggestions

My taste in films is weird! I have to admit it! But I think that even if my suggestions are not your cup of tea, give them a try and you wοnt regret it!

Firstly, Drinking Buddies! My love for Jake Johnson propably make me a bit more biased. However, i insist that this is the perfect Galentines Day movie. If you hate that day - as much as I do - and you decide to take a break from your boyfriend and spend some time with your friends, this is the movie you should watch!

Secondly, something more "classy", A Royal Affair. Let's learn some history! Powerful relations, love and an unfamiliar culture. A film that was nominated with the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film. Don't miss it.

And last but not least, the film that characterises my taste! Something a bit more happy-go-lucky. The scottish accent makes me love it even more than I should. It's a shame if you haven't watched it already. Enjoy!

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