Friday, February 21, 2014

The Wall Project.

hi everyone, 
How are you today?I'm super super happy because I finally finished my second wall collage.
Since I on the rent right now, I can't hang on the wall many things with nails such as picture frames or paintings. I couldn't stand my walls so white so I decided fill them with collages.
This is the second collage I made. It's in my studying room and I hope you like it as much as I do. 
I used post cards, photos from magazines, letter stickers from tiger and washi tape.
This is not a tutorial on how to make your own wall collage because I believe you have to be creative and make one fitting completely on your room and style. I will just give you some tips to make it easier and quicker.
So, let's begin.
1.Choose your Supplies!
I mostly use postcards, photos from magazines, concert or museum tickets, even posters I take from the street. I also use wall stickers and colorful tapes!
2. Decide, photograph the design then put it one by one on the wall.
If you try to create you collage straight on the wall, you would probably take you ages to finish it, gluing and ungluing the photos all over the wall. So first lay everything on the floor make your designs and, when you are pleased with the results, take a photo to help you remember where everything goes. Then put your collage on the wall.
3. Be creative.
This is completely up to you. Do you want it to be symmetrical or not? Would it have a theme? Would it be colorful? Try to combine colors and shapes to make it stand out! It would be unique anyway so don't try too hard just express yourself!
4. Washi tapes!
They are very popular lately and I love them I used a floral one not only to stick my collage on the wall but also to make this reindeer (I know it's not perfect but that's the point) try to make your own shape, if you are not sure if you can do this try out a geometric shape first!

This is it! That's all the tips I have for you! I love wall collage it's a cheap easy and very creative way to decorate your home and make it one of the kind! If you try it out please send me photos!! Kisses!


  1. Πάντα με εμπνέεις ρε συ φιλάκιααα

    1. Ευχαριστώ πολύ Ευάκι μου! :)

  2. Τέλειο! <3

    Αντζελίνα -


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